A coding competition for high schoolers

Noon to noon
Trinity University, SATX
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Hyper is a 24-hour event where 350 high schoolers will come from San Antonio and Austin to compete in South Texas’ first coding competition. We’ll provide workshops, mentorship, free meals and drinks, and places to sleep. You’ll compete in a team of 4 and solve quests. Get points, beat others. The next morning, we’ll find out who wins.

Made for all

Whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced Javascript expert, we'll hold multiple intro workshops and have mentors to help you through the night!

Lots of fun

We don't just code all night. We'll have dance parties, Jackbox party games, and you'll be able to meet a ton of new friends!

Yummy food

You'll be served Freebirds dinner, midnight cookies, bagel breakfast, and continuous snacks courtesy of our sponsors throughout the competition. We have options for dietary-restricted people as well.

Awesome prizes

Yee-haw over the Airpods Pros, Oculus Quest 2s, MX Masters 3s, and Mavic Minis. You can also win a invite which gives you the chance to get hired at Google.

is NOT a hackathon

Hyper is a challenge. Hyper was not made for the experts and was not made for the beginners. It was made for all. You’ll be tasked with a number of quests each representing this year’s theme: space. Solve them and the leading team takes control of the hill. Every 2 hours you keep the lead, you’ll get a point.


30 quests.
Not king-of-the-hill (KOTH) style. Every quest gets you some points. The team with the highest points the next day wins.


20 quests.
KOTH style. Every quest gets you to the next. Every 2 hours, the leading team gets the points.


5 quests.
KOTH style. Every hour in control of the hill, you'll win the points. These quests are harder than they look.


We'll have workshops on each quest once 3/4 of the teams have solved them. Then they'll be invalidated with a reduced point value.*
*Beginner quests won't be invalidated however.
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Is it free?

It is 100% free. Registration, attendance, meals, drinks, swag, and workshops included. We'll even reimburse some of you for travel costs (with receipts).

Is there an age limit?

You must be entering high school or just leaving high school, so that’s grades 8-12. Email us if you don’t fit those age limits, and we’ll see what we can do!

Can beginners join?

Don’t worry, you can still win AirPods Pros for your team! We expect beginners so we got a team of mentors and created a series of workshops to get you started!

Are there any pre-requisites?

There are no pre-requisites! If you already know a coding language, click on this box, and we’ll show you a list of coding languages we know can solve these challenges.

How do teams work?

To make it fair, we’ll randomly generate teams with people at equal coding levels. Since this happens at the competition, you’re guaranteed a partner.

Can I be by myself?

Currently looking in the rulebook... yep! You can totally be by yourself, but we’ve found when testing, it’s difficult to do these quests by yourself within the time.

What should I bring?

Your computer, student ID, chargers, your thinking brain (trust us, you won’t be able to do quests without them), toiletries, and a sleeping bag (power naps, not a sleepover).

Where can I practice?

That’s a good question! First, I would join the Hack Club Slack. It’s a place for high schoolers where they can get support on coding, design and other cool stuff.
We have some practice problems too!


Ya we were a bit vague. Typically at hackathons like SoHacks, you’d be sleeping on the couches, beanbags, or benches. If you bring a sleeping bag, you can also sleep on the floor. The second floor of the building will be dark after 2am.

Do I drop my student off?

Yep! Come at or before registration time, and drop your kid off. We’ll give you our number day-of in case you need to contact us immediately. You’ll be able to stay until quests start. That’s 1pm.


We’ve got campus police surrounding the entire building day-of and all night, and the building is locked from both sides. We can’t exit, and they can’t enter (unless they’re police of course).

What about COVID Risk?

If the pandemic is not over by September, then we’ll move on over to a different date and let y’all know. We’ll start only when the CDC tells us it’s safe to have this event.



Saturday 12pm - Sunday 12pm. Doors open at 11am and hacking starts at 1pm. Lunch served on arrival. Quests last 20 hours and Jackbox game time at 9pm.

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Trinity University
Center for the Sciences and Innovation
E Hollywood Ave
San Antonio, TX 78212

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Perks for y'all

Every attendee gets's Hacker Plan. You'll also get high-quality T-shirts (we promise they feel good), exclusive stickers, & sponsor swag.